By Staff

I remember those steam locomotives
With black smoke belching out of their stacks,

Hissing, sizzling and whistling
As they come chuffing down those steel tracks.

Those locomotives really were powerful
Stocked up with a full head of steam,

Looked big and strong from every direction
To run one was every boy’s dream.

The fireman-fed her coal-lots of water
Most worthy of his hire was he

The engineer with his hand on the throttle
Oh! he was a great man to see.

The air pump on the side of the boiler
Made a noise we all loved to hear,

Pumped air for the air-brakes to stop her
With them there was nothing to fear.

Pulled scores of freight cars along easily
With a nice red caboose way behind,

Hauled machinery and goods to destinations
Many other things I can’t bring to mind.

With passengers in coaches went speeding
Across our country so wide,

On a net-work of tracks never ending
Behind those steamers folks loved to ride.

When I think back to good transportation
On those steam locomotives I must dwell,

They served people for more generations
Than most every one living can tell.

Einer H. Tostenson, 3609 24th Avenue South Minnesota, Minnesota

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