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Ohio’s Darke County ‘Engineers’ are shown having
themselves a ‘STRUTTERS BALL’ down at the Dillon, South
Carolina, April 1973 Reunion.

Gene Ary operating the scale traction and Doc Ary operating the
baler while Rex Everett and Kim Besecker await turns to alternately
operate their scale thresher and scale sawmill (not shown). The 250
HP Corliss being erected provided standby shade. The 13,600 pound
Flywheel reaches 16′ into the air.

Harold & Mildred Ary – Darke County (Ohio) Engineers and
Association Officers from way back, had this cotton picker acquire
a few sacks of cotton which they baled in the hay bale rig. To you
that know the aforementioned ‘TOBACCO CHEWING INDIANA
SNOWBIRD’, you should have seen him reared back spitooing
juice, overseeing cotton baling and imitating a ‘1890 COTTON
PLANTATION GENELMAN’, while Mildred towed his
‘carriage’ with a Lambert tractor.

OK, you Arys, Beseckers and Everetts, bring’um back
Fri-Sat-Sun April 19-20-21, 1974 and bring some one to help operate
our 1884 cotton gin while you bale cotton souvenirs. Bring your
Indiana and Ohio Flags and Association Pennants. Our 100 acre Show
and Campgrounds fronts over 1 mile on Interstate 95 (shown in
background) and is within sight of Interchange no. 193 that has 4
motels, and restaurants. The Museum is open all year. Courtesy
Robert Rogers – FARM MUSEUM & CAMPGROUND, I-95& Hwy 9,
Dillon, S.C. 29536.

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