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Scale model of a Baker built by Alvin Kline of Berlin, Ohio.
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Infield threshing area.
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1926 Erie steam shovel owned by Rusty McGinness, of New Philadelphia,Ohio.
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Doran Gordon of Dover, Ohio, with his 1926 Huber tractor.
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1923 16 HP Russell owned by Carl Weidman of Orville, Ohio.

101 S. Main Street Navarre, Ohio 44662

Our 31st Tuscarawas Valley Pioneer Power Show was held August
19, 20, 21, 1994 at the Tuscarawas Fairgrounds in Dover, Ohio. All
activities were well attended and with the weather cooperating we
experienced good crowds.

This year saw about 250 antique tractors, 20-plus steam traction
engines, a full gas engine area and the Erie steam shovel which ran
all three days. This year in addition to our slow engine races and
tractor pull, we added the ladies’ frying pan toss; for the men
a hay bale throwing, with everyone being surprised at the weight of
the old wire-tied bales compared to today’s bale. After
watching the women throw that rather large frying pan around, a few
husbands were concerned whether they should tell their wives about
the tractor they had just traded for.

The real show stopper had to be when Alvin Kline of Berlin,
Ohio, steamed in with his new scale Baker. Many of us have watched
his progress over the last 10 years.

With the ’94 show over and the planning going on for our
’95 show, I would like to invite you to our 1995 show on August
18, 19, and 20, at the fairground in Dover, Ohio. This year we are
featuring the Russell line of equipment.

The Russell factory was 20 miles up the Tuscarawas River Valley
from our show, so Russell is more or less our club’s
standard-bearer. This year many of our members are working on
Russell items never before shown. We hope to have two Russell
gas-kerosene tractors, more than 12 Russell steam traction engines,
and a rare display on the Russell steam shovel. The Massillon
Museum is also planning a special display from their collection of
advertising, photos and items from the factory.

If you like Russell’s, or have never seen a Russell gas
tractor and like a steam show that has an active lineup of
activities, we will see you at Dover, Ohio, August 18, 19, and

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