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Photos on this page courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Diehl, Navarre, Ohio.

This is a 1916 40 HP Case engine #32541 with a state inspected
boiler which carries 150 pounds of working pressure. Engine is
owned by the Steel Brothers of Route #1, Dover, Ohio. Engine is
backing into the belt at the 17th Annual Tuscarawas Valley Pioneer
Power Show. Pictured on the engine are John and Terry Steel.

This is our first annual corn husking get-together. It was held
at our dairy farm. About 50 friends and members of the Tuscarawas
Valley Pioneer Power Association helped husk about 5 acres of corn.
We are using our New Idea 4-roll husker-shredder. Firing the engine
is Elmer Wenger of Dalton, Ohio. Everyone enjoyed the noon meal in
our home along with apple pie and five gallons of homemade ice

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