Vouk’s Steam Show To Celebrate Silver Anniversary

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This 80 HP Case, shown here in a 1965 photo, is the star of Vouk's Steam Show

703 Co. Road 2 So. St. Stephen, Minnesota 56375

The Vouk Family of St. Stephen, Minnesota will celebrate the
25th anniversary of its’ Steam Threshing and Lumber Sawing Show
on Saturday and Sunday, September 23, 24, 1989.

The show began in 1965 when Val Hlebain, brother-in-law of W. F.
Vouk, head of the Vouk family offered to furnish oats to thresh and
logs to saw if Bill wanted to put on a show. Bill was, as was his
father, a thresherman and sawmill operator in years past, the last
custom threshing run having been done in 1961 by Bill’s sons,
Jim and Ray. Bill still had the 80 Case steamer which his father,
Frank, had bought new and had just restored, with most of the work
being done by August Schuneman, who had been an engineer for
Bill’s dad. Bill had also acquired a 65 Case in 1961. He still
owned the 28’Huber thresher and 22-36 McCormick tractor used to
power it along with many farm antiques and equipment still residing
on the family farm. At this time, the sawmill which was last used
about 1956, had fallen into disrepair, so on October 1, 1965, the
first show was presented with a borrowed portable sawmill powered
by the 80 Case and the 28′ Huber threshing four stacks of oats,
powered by the 65 Case.

From this very small one-day show, it has grown to a two-day
affair featuring a full line of antique operating equipment,
including the 36′ Huber wing feeder thresher Bill had used with
a ten-ton Holt Caterpillar, and had re-acquired about the second
year of the show, having kept the Holt. Other threshers area Case
hand-feed, the 28′ Huber and a 26′ John Deere. Also
featured is the original, rebuilt #2 Howell sawmill, clover huller,
corn shredder, corn sheller, old-time wood splitter, lath mill,
shingle mill, handle machine and dowel machine. Lots of gas engines
are on display and running, from a 1 HP International to a 35 HP
Ingeco weighing six tons. There are about 40 gas tractors in
operation, featuring a 35-70 Minneapolis, a 40-60 Twin City, and a
30-60 Aultman-Taylor. The number of steam engines at the show has
grown to seven, some of which are brought in by friends.

Over the years, a 110-year old log house has been brought in,
refurbished and furnished, where tasty snacks are prepared on an
old wood-burning cook stove and served to visitors. An old store
has been moved from just across the street and furnished, and also
the school where Bill Vouk attended school was moved just a few
hundred feet, having been on an adjoining lot. School will be in
session in this building and also a blacksmith shop will be in

As a special feature of the anniversary show, we hope to have in
operation, a 480 HP four-cylinder Ames steam power plant which came
out of the hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Also, on Saturday
night, there will be a fireworks display, following the 7:00 p.m.
outdoor Catholic mass, on the site of the first mass in the St.
Stephen community over 100 years ago.

There will be the usual supply of food and refreshments, live
music all day for dancing, rides for the kids, crafts, such as yarn
spinning, quilting, rope making, free wagon rides around the
grounds, etc. The parade of equipment is at 1:30, daily. There is a
large flea market also.

So come and help us celebrate 25 years of steam show history in
St. Stephen, Minnesota on Saturday and Sunday September 23 and 24.
St. Stephen is located on Stearns County road #2, 10 miles north of
St. Joseph or 6 miles southwest of Rice, being 14 miles northwest
of St. Cloud.

Admission is free for exhibitors. For information, call
612-252-4807 or 252-6634. Hope to see you there!

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