Wait and See!

R. R. 2, Adams, Tennessee 37010

While reading the March-April 1971 issue of Iron-Men
, I came across the article, ‘I am Concerned!’,
written by Mr. Alva Hulbert. This was just what I had hoped for. I
mean the time when this nonsense of air pollution is disputed. I
guess that sentence was rather ill worded. I know air pollution is
no nonsense, but when people get to the point where even trash
burning or a little coal smoke can damage you for life,
health-wise, it is ridiculous.

This really scared me when I read about it, because being only
16 years old, by the time I acquire a steam traction engine, as I
hope to do, there may be so many laws of such a strict nature,
concerning the smoke emitted by the steam engine, that it will be
impossible to fire one up; even for a trip around the field. Steam
engines are part of my life; an essential part, and I can’t
bear the thought of such laws.

It’s hard to believe that there are such narrow-minded and
dead-set against something people, in the areas around steam engine
shows, etc., but there are. At our first show in Adams, Tennessee,
held by the Tennessee and Kentucky Threshermen’s Association, I
heard several people remark about the smoke and the damage of

I can’t understand how or why people would want to do
something, like passing laws against the steam engine, but never
the less the threat is rapidly becoming a reality. As important as
the steam engine was and is, to the American people, I believe that
it should and can be preserved, even if only by a faithful few. I
also agree with Mr. Hulbert that steam engines are only a

When this radical aggregation gets through with the steamers,
they will start on all the others: cars, tractors, etc.

You know as well as I do, that each day something else has been
charged with adding to air pollution, and the steam engine is
waiting in line Wait and See!

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