Wally E. Wood

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This is a picture of a Peerless, 2 cylinder hauling engine from around 1912. Also, notice the man on the telephone pole.
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This group of men are threshing with a Birdsall Engine in Rushville N.Y.
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Wallace E. Wood of Holiday, Florida is originally a mechanic
from New York. He has been a subscriber of I.M.A. since 1955. In
1960 he organized the New York Steam Engine Association which he
served as president for four years.

A line of tractors and engines at Bob Marshall’s, East
Bloomfield, NY. Titan, Oil Pull, Avery 14-28, Frick,
Advance-Rumley, Forty Case, Buffalo Pitts, Buffalo Springfield
Roller, Frick, 32-90 Baker, 80 HP Case.

Wally Wood replacing metalic packing and adjusting wrist pins on
a four cylinder upright Ames 11 x 12 at the Crescent Puritan
Laundry 1630 Dewey Ave., Rochester, N.Y. This is the only steam
engine in operation in the City of Rovhester and has been in the
City of Rochester and has been in operation for over forty

This photo was taken in August 1965 at the New York Steam Engine
Association gathering in Roseland Park, Canandaigua, NY. On the
left is Wally E. Wood, operating the engine; in the center is John
Farrell, steering; on the right is Bob Marshall, owner of the

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