Bremo Bluff, Virginia

When I was a boy 14 or 15 years old my family lived in the
Berkshire Hills in Mass. There was a farmer that lived about 6
miles from us and he had a steam wood saw mounted on wheels. I
should say it was about 5 or 6 hp, but what was so peculiar about
it was that it had a ‘square’ boiler, upright. The engine
was upright and bolted on the side of the boiler. Did you ever see
a square boiler?It was no make-shift outfit. It must have been
factory built as he said he bought it new some years before. Could
you tell me about a square boiler?

One of my neighbors found an old catalog describing a Herr
gasoline tractor, four wheel drive 25 and 30 hp. two cylinder
opposed motor, made by the Herr Engine Co., Portsmouth, Oregon
about 1910. Do you know of anyone in the East that has one?

Also, I recently bought a small Peerless portable 4 bore 8′
stroke mounted on horizontal boiler with 18-2′ flues. I have a
list of Peerless portables. The smallest listed is 5% bore 8′
stroke with 20-2′ flues. The smallest Peerless have an F on the
steam chest. Mine has an E and I am told this one was built before
1900 and originally had wooden wheels. The brass plate on the
engine has No. 8018. Could you tell me something about this
‘E’ engine? How was it painted?

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