Warnings on Use of Tubular Gage Glasses

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As a subscriber to Iron Men Album, I am writing to inform you of
a potentially very serious safety hazard regarding the use of
certain gage glass manufactured by Corning Glass Works, Corning,
New York. Since Corning is a major glass supplier, I would venture
to guess that the use of this glass is very wide spread among your
subscribers. The glass is used in liquid level gages which are very
common on steam boilers, among other uses.


To Users of Pyrex® Brand Industrial

High Pressure, Red Line and Green Line Tubular Gage

Corning Pyrex® brand industrial High Pressure, Red Line and
Green Line Tubular gage glasses (‘Gage Glasses’) sold
during the period April 1, 1987 to April 1, 1989, may contain
stresses and/or cracks which could result in breakage. These
stresses and cracks are found within two inches of the fire
polished ends in these Gage Glasses, and may be present in all
sizes and lengths, up to and including 72 inches.

Gage Glass breakage in applications involving pressure and/or
flammable, corrosive or toxic materials can cause personal injury
or property damage from flying glass or release of contained
substances. To avoid these risks, read and follow the instructions
and warnings below and always wear safety glasses when looking
toward any type gage glass or working on glass assemblies.

Identify Gage Glasses and their Purchase

This warning concerns only Pyrex® High Pressure, Red Line and
Green Line tubular gage glasses purchased between April 1, 1987 and
April 1, 1989. The original packages of these Gage Glasses are date
coded on the label on the end of the packaging. However, individual
Gage Glasses are not themselves date coded. If you cannot tell from
your records whether particular Gage Glasses were purchased outside
the period from April 1, 1987 to April 1, 1989, the Gage Glasses
should be replaced as described in this warning.

Inventory Replacement

Do not install existing Pyrex® Gage Glasses from your inventory
(for replacements or otherwise), unless purchased before April 1,
1987 or after April 1, 1989. Return them to your distributor or
supplier for free replacements. Contact your distributor or
supplier for instructions.

In-Use Gage Glasses Which Should Be

If you have any Gage Glasses purchased between April 1, 1987 and
April 1, 1989 installed in pressure applications exceeding 25 PSI,
or in applications involving flammable, corrosive or toxic
materials, you should take the following actions.

1.  Warn and protect personnel.

Warn maintenance and other personnel who may service or be in
the vicinity of these gages of the possibility of unexpected
breakage and resulting risks.

Post copies of this warning.

Keep untrained and unprotected people away from these gages.

2.  Replace in-use Gage Glasses.

Using only replacements obtained from supplier or distributor,
remove and replace currently installed Gage Glasses. Observe
instructions described below, the gage manufacturer’s
instructions, and the Corning Use and Care instructions.

Do not service, replace or examine any in-use Gage Glasses
without shutting off pressure and wearing a face shield and other
suitable body protection. Remember the system may remain
pressurized after shut-off and must be drained before removing a
Gage Glass.

If there is a delay in obtaining replacement Gage Glasses, leave
the currently installed Gage Glasses in service, but restrict
access to the Gage Glasses to trained personnel who have read and
understood this warning and are properly protected.

Certain Gage Glasses not requiring

The following Gage Glasses do not require immediate replacement,
but replacement should be made as required by routine maintenance

Gage Glasses in flow, level-indicator or other installations
with pressures at or below 25 psi which do not contain flammable,
corrosive or toxic materials.

Gage Glasses in installations where personnel and equipment are
protected by adequate shielding.

Gage Glasses which (i) are greater than 72 inches in length; or
(ii) had the fire polished ends removed by your distributor after
March 15,1989 (these will be marked as described in the following

Replacement Gage Glasses and Use and Care

Replacement Gage Glasses can be obtained under this program from
your distributor at no cost until December 31, 1989. Such
replacements will be identified by a black or colored marking on
the end, or by a line along the length of the Gage Glass. In using
any gage glass, always follow the Corning Use and Care

If you have any questions, call Corning toll-free 1-800-552-7105
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Eastern time), or write: Corning
Glass Works, Industrial Supplies Department, MP-21-01-4, Corning,
New York 14831.

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