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Mr. Deidrich L. Dalke has this to say in a letter written to the
Editor. We thought it unique and pass it along for your

It is indeed a pleasure to go through the ALBUM, made possible
by the cooperaton of so many like-minded people, fur one sees
himself in so many of the pictures–showing experiences we met on
our way.

Page 8, Nov.-Dec. 1951– Something like this happened to me in
Oklahoma. It was a return Hue Peerless. The bridge did not give way
but the steerer attempting to make a left turn in the weeds ran off
one end of the culvert.

Page 3, July-August, 1951– I ran a Tuber like the one shown,
three years in Oklahoma.

Front is Piece, Nov.-Dec., 1950– Pulled a six bottom plow like
the one Shown, in Oklahoma, with a 20hp Northwest. Good plowing but
servicing the engine took too much time.

I could go on like this. No doubt this is a daily occurrence to
you and it is enough to show you the ALBUM makes me home sick for a
steam traction engine.


Mr. J. A. Loffelmacher said that he had over a thousand
inquiries to his Advt., and only a few sent stamps. It will cost
him $30 in stamps to answer those letters. That is one problem when
you have a popular item. He is glad you wrote The Editor is saying

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