Dodge Center Minnesota

I Just run across this envelope and card again on my desk, and I
intended to write this at the time but didn’t so will now and
get them off the desk.

I took your little steam engine magazine for a number of years
and looked forward to getting them as I don’t know how anyone
could be more of a die-hard old steam engine fan than I am.

But I sure didn’t care for so much space given to old
diagrams and articles on ‘old reverse gears’ and other old
time pipe dreams that a lot of old fogies had way back in the olden
days. Those pictures, cuts and stuff like that of antique engines,
old time stuff like they used way back when well they probably
still are using that antique stuff back east there, in your states
east of the Mississippi.

That stuff don’t apply to us out here. I grew up and run
steamers like the Case, Advance, Minneapolis etc whose later year
models were up to date, and they are the engines I get a thrill out
of. Those old return flues boilers, and freaks like Fricks and a
lot of that antique stuff you give space to don’t mean a dam to
me. giving that much space to that stuff made your paper high
priced at 2.00 a year for only 6 copies.

Then too, a couple years ago, I wrote a letter telling about
some of my early experience running and firing steamers etc. I
received an acknowledgement alright, and word to effect that it
‘might’ appear some time in the magazine. I never saw it
though. but you spent and took up a lot of space for the old crap
as mentioned above. Yours truly,

P. S. out in this country we use combines now days ever hear of

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