Wedding In June

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Shaun and Harold Higley, Patty Miller and Rev. Bare during the wedding.
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Bride Patty Miller, engineer Teresa Powers, maid of honor Debbie Stace.

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What’s so special about a wedding in June? Why, it was held
at a steam show on a steam engine! The National Thresher chaplain,
Reverend Daniel Bare, officiated, wearing his red suspenders and
standing on the rear platform of Richard Munk’s Baker steam
engine. Groom Harold Higley and son, best man Shaun, arrived on
Harold’s George White steam engine in their new blue bibs and
white shirts. Obviously they hadn’t shoveled coal or cleaned
their flues because there was nary a dirt mark on them. Their
boutonnieres sprouted wheat, and they were just in time to see
bride Patty Miller and maid of honor Debbie Stace come steaming up
riding on the bunkers of the Tracy Powers family’s Upton steam
engine, driven by Teresa Powers. A bell from the Binns’ engine
announced their arrival. All four proceeded up the step to stand
before Chaplain Bare, where the bride and groom exchanged vows.

Harold and Patty Higley sharing their wedding cake at the
National Threshers Reunion in Wauseon, Ohio, last June.

Both ladies were dressed in long blue denim dresses and carried
bouquets of wheat and red and white flowers that were tied with red
handkerchief bows.

After the vows the couple greeted their jubilant guests amidst
toots, bells, and whistles from some of the show’s fifty
engines. The wedding, held outdoors next to the double incline hill
(which was too slippery to ascend on the engine after an earlier
downpour), allowed guests to enjoy the beautiful golden sunset
beaming through the trees, spreading warmth to all assembled.

Many will remember the 54th Annual Reunion of the NTA for being
hot, humid, and rainy, but perhaps best of all, attending the
wedding held on a steam engine.

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