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#301, 2120 University Ave. Madison, Wisconsin 53705

John E. McDowell and Beatrice J. Weidman were wed
Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1994, on John’s 23-90 Baker
in Plainfield, Ohio.

Beatrice, the daughter of Ralph and Mildred Weidman, grew up in
Wooster, Ohio, but spent the last fifteen or so years in Europe
with the U.S. Army in Intelligence and Signal Divisions. She brings
into the family a 16 HP Reeves.

John, the son of Wiley and Esther McDowell, was raised in
Sugarcreek, Ohio, and currently resides in Plainfield, Ohio, with
his 23-90 and 21-75 Bakers, along with his creation, the ‘Power

Word has it that the Bakers have a problem with the Reeves
moving into their garage, and so a new one must be built. Whatever
the case, everybody in the Midwest wishes the happy couple the best
of luck, and eagerly await any quarter or half scale engines that
may come along.

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