By Staff

We are in receipt of Bulletin No. 1, of the above association.
That is a very intriguing name, if we have spelled it right. It is
also a very interesting bulletin. Ted Middleton , 612 W. 4th St.,
Aberdeen, Washington, is the secretary., of the organization. Their
annual meeting or reunion will be held at C. M. Busch’s,
Colton, Wash., on the afternoon of Sept., 21st, 1952. This Will be
their Sixth Annual Threshing Reunion.

In all the letters we get that has to do with Bros. Busch and
Middleton, the praises are high for these men. We sure would like
to meet them. There is just one reason why we don’t and that is
distance. However, we are venturing a little further every year and
sometime we are going to make her.

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