By Staff

The Williams Grove Steam Engine Association Meet, Held August 25
through Dabor Day, in connection with the Annual Granger’s
Picnic, attracted more viewers this year than ever before. An
estimated 125,000 persons visited the show grounds and viewed
exhibits that included steam traction engines, gas tractors, old
horse-drawn vehicles, ancient automobiles, portable gas engines and
many other objects of interest.

A daily parade featuring the 24 steam traction engines, plus 21
assorted old-time gas tractors and Oil Pull tractors evoked much
favorable comment. Other attractions included a large museum
building filled with antique farm furnishings, an operating model
railroad and other items. The railroad division, operating two
steam locomotives over about 800 feet of track hauled in excess of
7000 passengers, while the saw mill demonstrations not only drew
crowds of spectators, but also actually turned out several orders
for rough-cut lumber and the Thresher men, with their rigs,
produced several hundred bushels of grain for domestic

At the conclusion of the show plans for further expansion next
year were announced and approved by the directors, including
completion of a major portion of the projected railroad, the
erection of an engine house and shop building, plus other
structures for the exhibition and protection of existing

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