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September 23, 24 and 25 were the climax of all summer
preparations on a farm at rural West Concord, Minnesota. This farm
is known as Budenski Bros, and is located south of Wanamingo,

Friday, September 23rd, was entry day and it started to rain.
The rain was a fine mist and it caused much difficulty in moving
the large equipment around. There was a total of seven antique gas
tractors which were built before 1930 and a total of nine steam
traction engines from a 28 Minneapolis down to a 12 Advance. There
were several gas engines and a Baker pan and Shingle Mill. Several
spectators from Wisconsin and a handful from Minnesota and Iowa
attend this event.

The rain continued all of Friday night and Saturday morning.
There were several visitors from out of state. Wisconsin was most
represented with people arriving early. The rain kept on falling
steadily until nearly 2 p.m. The Sawmill owned by Axley Bros, of
Eyota was set up and the 20 Minneapolis Steam traction engine was
belted to it. Loui Budenski’s engine put on a fine
demonstration between showers. About 3:30 the Avery 45-65 was
belted to the Baker Fan, it pulled well on this. Then the Advance
engine owned by Joe selly of St. Peter, Minnesota, took its turn on
the Fan and pulled about 50 h.p. The air was heavy making the fan
pull harder than normal.

By Sunday morning the rain had cleared away and the sun was
shining brightly. The ground was wet but the Saddle Club in the
parking lots were not having trouble getting the autos settled. The
Show grounds was old pasture sod so the heavy equipment would be
able to maneuver around. The first event was to thresh one load of
oats to get fuel for the 22 Advance Rumely Straw-burner. This was
threshed by the 28 Minneapolis engine of Ed Budenski’s with the
36-60 Red River Special Separator. The parade of equipment was the
next event.

After the parade the action started. The 28 Minneapolis engine
was put on the Baker Fan and the 22 Advance engine went on the saw
mill. Soon the Straw Burner was put on the separator where it
threshed all afternoon. The spectators were many around this engine
and the 36-60 Red River separator. Here the people really enjoyed
this because very few had seen this up close and many like myself
had never seen an engine fired with straw.

Then about 4 p.m. John Schultz put his 80 Case on the eight
bottom John Deere plow and started a fine plowing demonstration.
Governor trouble made him give it up to the 28 Minneapolis engine
which plowed and the public enjoyed this also. Of the many shingle
bolts which were sawed into shingles there were none left by the

The public enjoyed the big gas tractors pulling on the Baker fan
in contrast to the Steam Engines.

The popcorn boxes on the grounds told their own story of what
the people enjoyed most and of how many people attended
Sunday’s event and demonstrations of antique and modern farm
equipment put on by the Zumbro Valley Threshermen’s

A special thank you to the many persons who took an active part
in making this reunion a special event.

Marilyn Trelstad

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