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Restoring a Single-Horse Mower

Sammy Epps never imagined he would take up the hobby of restoring and collecting vintage farm equipment. However, when knee surgery took him off the tennis court and the pandemic converted him into a homebody, Sammy decided it was time to take up a new hobby. “I didn’t know anything ...

cotton sorter

Does this cotton seed sorter ring a bell?

I have this piece, which is stenciled with the words Carolina Cotton Seed Sorter. I’ve searched everywhere for information about it but have not found anything. Does anyone know anything about this? Clarence Gibbs, Inman, South Carolina Editor’s note: We’ve run this up a few ...


Flax: The Stubborn Crop

It’s easy to romanticize rural life 200 years ago. Old lithographs show bucolic farm scenes of horse-drawn plows, blacksmiths at the forge and women running spinning wheels. In reality, it was a time when literally every aspect of life demanded inordinate and nearly relentless amounts of ...

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