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14-disc harrow

Preserving an IH 14-Disc Harrow

I recently helped clean up some property and found this old International Harvester 14-disc harrow at the edge of the woods. The owners told me I could have it. When I got it home, I made some repairs. It has the original discs and from what I can tell, it’s a 9B or 10A. International built ...


What’s Up Down Under

The spread of COVID-19 into New Zealand brought all our vintage tractor club activities to a standstill. In fact, New Zealand was under lockdown with all meetings and events totally closed for more than a month. Collectors have not even been allowed to visit other club members’ sheds for the ...


Fasten Your Seat Belts!

A friendly warning here: This issue of Farm Collector could give you a case of whiplash. We’re taking you on a mad dash from the mid-1800s (when Acme Co. began building hay harvesters) to the mid-1900s (when an Illinois farmer built a corn sheller that would keep up with him) to, oh, 2020 ...


Going Head to Head: Deere and International Harvester

In the early days of power farming, the competition was between internal combustion and steam. Hart-Parr became the champion for the internal combustion, or “gas engine” tractors, but customers did not immediately beat the proverbial path. Steam competitors were roasting the gas tractor ...


Double Vision: International Harvester Truck

Experiencing double vision This is another photo of my 1973 International Harvester 1210 3/4-ton 4x4 that was featured in the November 2019 issue of Farm Collector. The truck is running great, but when I got a chance to buy this 1971 fence-row pickup, I decided it would be nice to have it ...

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