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December 2021 Mystery Tools

A: Piece measures about 4 inches long. B: Piece measures about 6 inches long. C: Blade measures 19 inches long by 4 inches wide; handle measures 1 foot long. No markings. D: Piece measures about 10 by 6 inches. Center receptacle measures 2 inches ...


Readers, can you help?

Can anyone identify this item? On the front bar, it says Made in Canada Pat Pend. What would it have been used for? Joe Greiwe, 206 Albers St., Batesville, IN 47006 Editor’s note: Can anyone help Joe with this? Implement Looks like a Bruner Weed Spacer In the letters to the ...


What was this Used For?

I am sending photos of machinery purchased at an auction 35 years ago in northern Michigan. No one I know has seen one before or knows exactly what it was used for. As best I could figure, it was some kind of clod buster but after trying it out, it worked poorly, which may explain its unworn ...


Looking for leads on early horse-drawn grader?

This unique, early horse- or mule-drawn grader has been loaned to the Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum. The one-piece circular blade can be positioned (using two levers) to move material left or right or carry it straight ahead. The two levers are cast with the name J.D. Adams, ...

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