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Back In Business

After the pandemic-related cancellations of the 2020 show season, the 2021 season seemed bigger and better than ever. The prevailing mood can only be described as pure pleasure. Many shows truly became reunions, as friends reconnected after a year’s absence. And the pieces on display? ...


Reach Plates Get a Chance to Shine

Maybe, like me, you don’t know anybody who collects reach plates. Maybe, also like me, you don’t even know what a reach plate is or how it’s used. Well, settle in: You’re about to get an education! Brian Edwards of Burien, Washington, was only slightly more knowledgeable than me on ...


40 Years and Going Strong

Four decades in, the Corn Items Collectors Assn. (CICA) is still going strong. And members agree on the benefits of membership. As collectors, they say they appreciate the camaraderie, the shared knowledge and the opportunity to learn about America’s agricultural tradition through ...


Why Not Bring a Friend?

Looking for a way to grow your show? Here’s one easy way. Bring a friend! It’s as plain as the nose on your face, but when a fellow shared that tip with me this summer, my mind reeled at the potential. There’s nothing complicated about it – and that’s the beauty of it. “I take a ...


What did you do this summer?

A show of hands, please: How many of you, in your far-off childhoods, ever wrote the “What I Did this Summer” essay when you returned to school in the fall? Ah. You don’t remember? Good. That works for me! I don’t actually need essays (although if you want to shoot me a letter or an ...


Random Summer Ramblings

My body may be parked at a desk, but my mind has gone to the beach. Suddenly untethered by the arrival of summer, the old brain ambles down random paths, stops to smell roses, lazily wonders at things past and things yet to come. Like the whisk broom. Time was, there was a whisk broom in every ...

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