Old Trusty: The Aultman Taylor 30-60

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By 1918, if you were paying any attention, it was clear that steam traction engines were on the way out and that gas and kerosene tractors were on the way in.

Aultman-Taylor, one of the heavyweights in the steam traction business, saw the writing on the wall earlier than some, manufacturing its first tractor, “Old Trusty,” early in 1910. Regular production began later that year (some sources peg it at the start of 1911).

The company’s most popular offering was its massive 30-60 hp, which gained a well-deserved reputation for reliability and performance: An Aultman Taylor 30-60 running gasoline recorded 58.05 hp on the drawbar and 80.1 hp on the belt in the 1919 Nebraska Tractor Tests.

By 1918, when this ad appeared in the April issue of The American Thresherman and Farm Power, three models were available; the 30-60, 22-45 and 15-30. While the ad’s illustrations aren’t particularly clear, the featured tractors look to be the top-of-the-line 30-60.

Appearing alongside the new tractors was Aultman-Taylor’s venerable New Century thresher. It was first introduced about 1900 and that stayed in production until Advance-Rumely bought out Aultman in 1924, after which all Aultman-Taylor manufacturing ceased.

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