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The Central Washington Ag Museum (CWAM) in Union Gap, Washington, recently restored an Oliver 550 Utility Tractor. The tractor, which was donated to the museum in 2013, previously belonged to a Yakima resident. The rebuild took approximately 14 months; it was completed in May 2015. CWAM President Nick Schultz spearheaded the effort.

The Oliver 550 Utility was first introduced in 1958 as the next generation of the Super 55, which was introduced in 1954. Colors were changed on this model, using a palette of Meadow Green and Clover White rather than the Fleetline green, yellow and red of previous Olivers. The 550 was offered with a choice of engines: a 144 CID engine or a 155 CID engine.

The 550 was an extremely successful tractor for Oliver and remained in production for nearly 20 years. It was known as an economical, well-designed and handy tractor. Versatility was another hallmark of this tractor. Because of its great balance, the 550 was well-suited to pulling implements or front-mounted implements.

The Oliver was seen in parades at Union Gap’s Old Town Days last June and at the Pioneer Power Show in August. It remains on display at the Central Washington Ag Museum.

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