Nov. 1, 1917

Gentlemen: We like our C.O.D. tractor very well and think every farmer should have one. We have plowed nearly 600 acres with our C.O.D. since we have had it, 425 acres of which was stubble and the rest sod for breaking. We can pull four 14-inch plows in stubble and three 14-inch plows in breaking. Hoping this letter will be of use to you, we remain, Yours truly, Baatz Bros., Beltrami, Minn.

Oct. 10, 1917

Gentlemen: I take pleasure in writing you about the C.O.D. tractor I bought off you last fall. It has done all you claimed it would do and more and I think it is about the right size for a farm tractor. I plowed 600 acres and it did not give me any trouble of any kind whatever. It is hard to beat the C.O.D. for a farm tractor. Yours very truly, C. H. Kubernus, Wimbledon, N.D.

Oct. 27, 1917

Gentlemen: Just a few lines to you about my experience of 14 months with a C.O.D. tractor. I farm 1,000 acres and I seeded my grain and pulled two 8-foot binders all through harvest and have all plowed to date but 10 acres. Besides farming I ground feed all winter with a mill with a capacity of 60 bushels per hour. It takes just two men and $2,500 worth of horses, harness and plows to do as much in a day as I plow with my C.O.D. tractor. Respectfully yours, C. A. Geddess, Shelly, Minn.

Aug. 24, 1917

Gentlemen: The tractor I purchased off you has been used on my farm southwest of Cedar Rapids all season. I disced, plowed, harrowed and did road work pulling an eight-horse grader. A number of my neighbors formed a company and purchased an Aultman & Taylor 27-42 separator, and my boy, 14 years old, ran the (C.O.D.) engine for two weeks, doing all the threshing for nine farmers. I found that I had plenty of power all the time. The tractor has been no expense to keep up. Yours truly, J. F. Cerveny, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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