Lake Side Farms Tractor & Engine Collection Auction Oct. 5 and Oct. 6

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According to Kurt Aumann at Aumann Auctions, the upcoming Lake Side Farms auction “will be one that goes down in the annals of tractor and engine collecting history as one of, if not the very best. It’s not the largest by quantity, but I would challenge you to find better quality.”

Case in point, the 1912 International Harvester 45 Kerosene Mogul Tractor shown above. The Mogul is in immaculate condition, just as all of the other pieces up for sale at the two-day auction taking place Oct. 5, 2012 and Oct. 6, 2012 at 8755 Utt Road in Kempton, PA 19529.

Other tractors up for auction include a 16 hp Atlas/Morton Friction Drive, a 16-30 1919 Eagle Model F as well as multiple Caterpillars and John Deeres.

This 1887 Crossley Slide-Valve Piano Base will be the highlight of a great selection of engines. Also included will be a 1904 Hornsby-Akroyd, a Johnson Multi Motor, a Mietz & Weiss, and Economys, Fairbanks-Morses and IHC of all shapes and sizes.

Literature, photos & postcards, parts, signs and various antiques will sell on Friday, Oct. 5. Tractors, engines and various other rare items will sell on Saturday, Oct. 6.

You can see the full listing for Friday and Saturday, as well as the auction catalog on Aumann Auctions’ website. You can also see videos of most of the items up for auction on YouTube.

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