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FlorenceNeedle sorter

I have restored this hay press to its original condition, as you see in the picture. However, the only markings on it are ‘H.P.’ and some numbers. I’ve done a lot of research and can not come up with the manufacturer. It was purchased at Byler’s Auction in New Holland, Pa., but it had been shipped to the auction from Missouri. Any help in identifying the manufacturer will be appreciated.

Olin Pryor, (304) 263-5115


I am an occasional collector of farm-related paper items. Recently I came across a postcard from the office of John Dodds, manufacturer of horse hay rakes. It was dated 1884. So far, I have not been able to find out anything about this company or the hay rakes they manufactured. Do any of your readers know about this company? Any information will be sincerely appreciated.

Darryl Matter, P.O. Box 65, Portis, KS 67474


Just one more comment about the Dillard Mill article in the July issue of Farm Collector. As well as containing the thread cabinet, which another reader pointed out, this picture truly does contain a needle sorter as well! The round, flat, metal container between the coffee grinder and the thread cabinet is a needle sorter like the one we used in our general merchandise store during the twenties. It holds sewing machine needles, as well as darning, embroidery and other types of needles. You would point a metal arrow on top of the lid to the particular size or kind of needle you wanted, and then a hole in the top could be opened to the desired needles. Very smart and convenient. Your magazine creates pleasant nostalgia for us readers!

Florence (Scheffer) Van Roekel, George, Iowa

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