Capping off a Hat Collection

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What, you may be wondering, are you looking at? Allow your eyes to focus on the vintage windmill at the center. From there, marvel at the wonderment of 6,000 ball caps, hung cheek to jowl, rippling out from the center of a 16-sided structure that is also home to five windmills.

The array is just one of Jim Lacey’s many collections in one of his many salvaged, restored and preserved buildings. The buildings at his home west of Trent, South Dakota, make up Little Village Farm. They also make a stop unlike any other. If you’re in the neighborhood, give Jim – a periodic contributor to Farm Collector – a call (605-428-5979) and see if you can get a look. You’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind tour, and likely a story or two for good measure!

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