Glory Days of Vermont Syrup Equipment Production

Find out more about the history of Vermont syrup equipment in this reader's letter.

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Item C in the July 2020 issue of Farm Collector shows the end of the evolution of sap spout development, and one of the very last designs by George Soule Evaporator Co., St. Albans, Vermont.

This company was bought out by Leader Evaporator, Burlington, Vermont, in 1964. They now are in Swanton, and the only such company left in Vermont.

Ninety years ago, we had five evaporator companies in Vermont: G.H. Grimm Co., Rutland; Leader, Burlington; Lightning Evaporator Co., Richford; Soule, St. Albans; and Vermont Evaporator, initially of North Clarendon, Vermont, but later located in Ogdensburg, New York Leader bought all of them!

There have been at least 100 different designs for spouts; some were total disasters. Hale Mattoon, Chelsea, Vermont, has written a book about spouts. He has a collection of nearly 100 unique pieces.

I have used many of them and still have some of the Soule spouts. We started sugaring in 1942, when I was 5 years old. Syrup sold for $2.50 per gallon at that time.

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