September 2021 Mystery Tools

We have identified some of these gadgets, gizmos & contraptions from the 2021 September issue!

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by Brian Howard

A. Tool measures about 7 inches long. No markings.

Saw set. Identified by Randy Winland, Prospect, Ohio; Erwin Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vt.; John Buesing, Flomaton, Ala.; and David Nighswander, Richland, Mich.

B. What was this hammer used for?

Unidentified. Probably a special purpose hammer. Bill McAuley, Francestown, N.H., believes it to be a cooper’s hammer, used to drive and set iron hoops used to encircle a wooden cask.


C. Tool measures 18-1/4 inches long. One side is engraved T08 and the other side D7, a sideways T and sideways 2. Three teeth show no wear on sides. Original casting marks show on every tooth. The head swivels 15-20 degrees.

Smooth or barbed wire stretcher. Identified by Vern Notestine, Frankenmuth, Mich.; Robert Scholz, Elmo, Mo.; Don Snyder, Decatur, Ill.; Bernard Hermans, Milbank, S.D.; Bob Demuth, Ferdinand, Ind.; Donald L. Whitacre, Capon Bridge, W.Va.; Erwin Fullerton; Robert Adams, Fairbanks, Ind.; and Richard Smith, Walnut Grove, Mo.

From Robert Adams: “I have one of these stretchers. I guess you can say I got it Johnny Cash style. Went right up to the factory and picked it up. The first job I had when I got out of school was at a foundry. They poured these in two pieces and they were shipped out unassembled. There was a barb that fit through the hole in the handle where it is riveted. I only put a washer on it with a little weld. Yes, I got it in my lunch bucket or my dirty clothing bag.”

D. Eight-sided metal tool measures 7/8-inch at one end and 1-5/8 inch at the other. Total length of 10-3/4 inches; weighs 4-1/2 pounds. No markings.

Blacksmith’s eight-sided drift punch.

E. Metal blade measures 1/8-inch thick and is 4 inches wide. Tool is 12 inches from top of handle to tip of blade. Weighs 1-3/4 pounds. Marked Number 207 between the blade and the handle.

Garden tool, possibly used in transplanting. Identified by Erwin Fullerton. Another possibility: Ron Bush, Bayport, New York, believes it to be a tool used in a tobacco field.

F. Tool is metal with a wooden handle. Blade measures 3-1/4 inches long by 2-1/2 inches wide; total length 14 inches. No markings.

Garden weeding tool. Identified by Ken Bolton, Fall Creek, Wis.

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