John Clark Collection Featured at Tri-State

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Pictured here is John Clark with his 1908 15 HP Case traction engine. Also shown are his grandsons and Carl Sutton as engineer.
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At right John Clark is shown with his 1885 10 HP portable Case engine No. 2920

1207 Bay View Avenue Shady Side, Maryland 20764

Pictured above is John’s wife, Steam Engine Woman Marge
Clark as she adds some finishing touches to the 1885 Case 10 HP
portable steam engine.

The Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association, Inc. held its
42nd annual Steam Engine Show in September 1998 at Mineral Beach,
Finleyville, Pennsylvania. The event featured John Clark and his
1885 10 HP Case portable steam engine. John Clark also owns a 1908
Case 15 HP traction engine.

John and his family would like to trace the heritage of his Case
engines. We would like to know if there are any more of the small
Case portables still making steam, and where they are. Please drop
us a line or send us a photo. Address: Barry D. Clark, 1207 Bay
View Avenue, Shady Side, Maryland 20764; e-mail address:

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