New Acquisitions at the Reynolds Museum

By Staff
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''Mystery'' engine's firebox door.
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1922 Sawyer Massey 68 HP.
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1873 Tozier
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A fuller view of the 1890 ''R & Co.'' portable steam engine.
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Dial portable steam engine.
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1922 Sawyer Massey 68 HP and Bruce Olson.
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Bruce Olson next to a 1910 Reeves 25-90 HP cross compound Canadian Special.
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1885 Nichols & Shepard portable.

One of the recent acqusitions of the Reynolds Museum in
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, is a portable steamer which has been dated
circa 1890. The only marking on the engine other than some casting
numbers is the ‘R & Co.’ on the firebox door. The
museum would like to hear from anyone who can identify the engine,
and so would we!

Another recent acquisition is a Tozer & Dial engine which
arrived from South Carolina. It was made in Columbia, South
Carolina and is said to be 8 HP the portable engine arrived at the
museum with its original wooden wheels.

The 1922 Sawyer Massey 68 HP steam traction engine in the museum
collection is now restored. Another new engine for the museum is
the 1885 Nichols Shepard portable (also with wooden wheels) which
came to them from Michigan.

The Reynolds Museum is open daily May 1-September 30, and has
over 200 steam traction engines, 1000 antique automobiles, 600 gas
tractors, and numerous related antiques. Contact them at 4118 57th
Street, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada T9A 2B6.

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