Letters to The Editor

B.F. Avery & Sons not only made implements for themselves,
but for other companies as well. To add a bit of murkiness to
everything, from 1914-1930 they made B.F. Avery implements for B.F.
Avery Co. (later B.F. Avery Power Machinery Co.) of Peoria, Ill., a
company completely unrelated to B.F. Avery & Sons, except that
they had the same last name.

B.F. Avery & Sons also made implements for Ford Motor Co.
starting in 1939, Luther D. Thomas says in B.F. Avery. But
most of their implements were made for Montgomery Ward & Co.
“In 1937,” Thomas says, “Wards announced that one-tenth of its
796-page spring and summer catalog would be devoted to a new full
line of farm equipment it would carry in its farm stores, including
plows, harrows and grain drills, most of which were made In
Louisville by B.F. Avery & Sons Inc.” Wards implements were
called True-Pull while B.F. Avery-named models were

Also in 1937, the new president of Montgomery Ward & Co. was
Sewell B.F. Avery, who may have been related to B.F. Avery, Thomas

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