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Nowthen Show Celebrates Heritage

In 1971, two neighbors living in Rogers, Minnesota, rescued a thresher in the path of bulldozers working on Interstate 94. Resting in the same place for 22 years, the thresher was locked in place by trees growing through its steel wheels. For many, it would have been an inconvenience with a ...

Leslie C. McManus

No Time to Spare

Time is so doggone relative. That thought occurred to me at a big family gathering this spring. First time that group had been together in 15 months, and yet, as we sat down to dinner, all that time dissolved and it was as if we’d picked up right where we’d left off. Then, today, I ...


Bird City Antique Tractor and Engine Showground

On his way home from the 1948 J.I. Case centennial celebration, Roy Kite decided that, by golly, there was nothing stopping him from buying an old Case steam engine and putting on his own show. As the Case dealer in Bird City, Kansas, Roy knew a thing or two about farm equipment. He scared ...


Battling a Serious Case of Show Fever

Much has changed in the past year; much hasn’t. For me, this is the time of year I began to get antsy. Some of that is plain old spring fever, but a big part of it is what I’m going to call show fever and at this point in this year, it’s enough to make global warming look like greasy kid ...

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