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Baked Beans and Culture

Writer’s note: When I was a kid, Mom often put a big pot of baked beans in the oven of her coal range before we went to church on Sunday morning and that was our Sunday dinner when we got home. I’ve loved pork and beans ever since and often still eat them. In 1909, Charles Scribner’s ...

sleeping car

Let Us Kick

When I was in the U.S. Army during the early 1950s, I had several opportunities to travel quite long distances on trains and we were always, in the U.S., treated to the luxury of a Pullman car, where at night a porter converted the seats used during the day into double-decker bunks, complete ...


Back to School Memories

I reckon by now all the kids are back in school. As a kid I always dreaded September and the first day of school — I’d have much rather been home helping Dad get the wheat planted. Of course, after a week or so it wasn’t so bad. Our western Pennsylvania township had several one room ...


Time in Abundance

What might you do if you had time in abundant supply, but very little freedom? It’s a question I’ve considered since writing an article about a Maryland inmate. During his time in a correctional facility, Robert Stickel has busied himself by re-creating tractors, trucks, cars and ...

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